major gin Riserva

Tasting impressions

The sight is conquered by the amber color, which tells of wood, perfumes, months and months of aging in the dark of the barrel. The sense of smell immediately perceives the intense scent of the distillates aged in barrique: suggestions of cognac, armagnac, then the juniper emerges which makes you understand that you are in the world of Gin. The whole massage is perceived by the cherry note, which is the result of a double factor: the cherries used in the distillation of Major Gin, and the cherry wood barrel in which the Major Gin Riserva ages.

Distillation technique

The botanicals selected according to the exclusive Major Company recipe are left to infuse with alcohol from cereals. Then this alcoholic infusion is distilled. The distillate obtained is extremely concentrated, it is then mixed with alcohol from cereals and spring water to create the Gin Major.

Harmony of cherries and cherry tree

The Piedmontese cherries used in the infusion of the distillate, and the cherry of the barrique where it ages for 6 months: it is from this fruity harmony that the greatest Gin Riserva is born. The result is perceived in intensely aromatic, rare and unusual aromas in an aged distillate.

Alcoholic strength 47%