There are many gin products in the world. Only one is born on MAJOR Lake.

To understand the difference between a gin and Major Gin, a boat trip on Lake Maggiore is enough, the place where the botanicals come from and where it is distilled. On these shores, the idea of ​​creating a unique gin collection in the world was born. On the label is the illustration of the Regina Madre steamship, which in 1904 began sailing on Lake Maggiore. This liberty style steamer will take you on an ideal tour of Lake Maggiore. You will arrive at Isola dei Pescatori, with its colorful houses and typical fish restaurants. You will walk among the rare plants in the gardens of the Isola Madre. You will be enchanted by the splendor of Baroque art in Palazzo Borromeo on Isola Bella. And you will be conquered by the romantic atmosphere of the Cannero castles set on two wild rocky islets.

A place loved by those who love beauty.

“The coolness of the water, finding us in a lake near the mountains, the fragrance of the perfumes, the wonderful panorama and the delicious variety of the landscape, make this residence a summer residence of which the world probably does not know the same.” In 1686 the Scottish painter Gilbert Burnet chose these words to describe one of the Borromean islands, Isola Bella, on Lake Maggiore. “An enchanted island” washed by placid waters and framed by mountains which, with the passing of the seasons, offer an always different and fascinating atmosphere. Since Gilbert Burnet’s journey and especially since the nineteenth century, Lake Maggiore became an obligatory stop on the Grand Tour d’Italie of the European aristocracy. The writer Stendhal defines the Borromean Islands and the shores of Lake Maggiore as “divine” “delightful banks of one of the most beautiful lakes in the universe”.

If you don’t love what surrounds you, you will never be able to create something new.

Cannero Rivera is among the northernmost territories of the world where citrus fruits are grown, beyond the 45th parallel, a stone’s throw from the Simplon Pass and the majestic Monte Rosa. It is precisely here that we collect citrus fruits to create our gin. Leave Cannero Riviera to set sail for Verbania and, upon reaching the port, you will travel a few kilometers towards Premosello, at the entrance to the magnificent and unspoiled Val Grande National Park. “In no territory in Europe does Camellia Sinensis grow as well as on Lake Maggiore: it is here its perfect habitat.” So says Paolo: his nursery on Lake Maggiore houses the largest selection of Camellias in Europe. And Camellia Sinensis, from whose leaves tea is made, is an ingredient of our Major Dry Gin. Together with the citrus fruits of Cannero Riviera, it creates a fascinating sensorial set: the intense perfume of lemon, the touch of tea from the infusion of Camellia leaves. A sublime explosion of taste for lovers of good and rare things.

MAJOR GIN comes from here.
The botanicals of our recipes are born in the mountains around Lake Maggiore.
The people who created it have always lived here and want to share the pleasure of tasting our products with you. Tasting it will be a wonderful experience: your journey through time and space, in one of the most beautiful places in Italy and in the world.